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Title: Amputation at the shoulder-joint
Description: Two images showing an operation to amputate the right arm at the shoulder. The images show a seated man from the waist up, with bandages on his right arm. Figure 1 shows the first incision in the shoulder to reveal the humerus (the bone of the upper arm) and create a flap of muscle. Figure 2 shows the hand of the surgeon in the wound to squeeze the artery there and force the head of the humerus out from the body. The patient has collapsed in this image and is being supported by an assistant holding a blanket around his body. The text gives detailed instructions on how to carry out this operation. The chapter also gives instructions on different types of amputation, as well as general instruction on how to prepare the patient and the place of the operation, and how to treat the wound. The rest of the volume contains instruction and images for operations on hernia, trephining (trepanning), aneurism (or aneurysm) and lithotomy.
Categories: Surgery, Human figures and faces, Human figures and faces/ Man  
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"Illustrations of the great operations of surgery: trepan, hernia, amputation, aneurism, and lithotomy", Charles Bell (n.d.)

Date of original image publication: 01/01/1821
Colour: Monochrome
Illustrator: Bell, Charles
Subject headings: Arm , Surgery
Rights : Copyright Discovery Library 2008
Publisher: Discovery Library