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Title: Operation for the aneurism at the bend of the arm
Description: Two images of a surgical operation on the right arm, and one of the position of nerves arteries and veins. Figure 1 (the top image) shows the arm with a tourniquet to restrict blood flow and an incision below the elbow. Figure 2 shows the arm with a small incision above the elbow. A blunt hook is in place to open the incision and show the artery, vein and nerve. Figure 3 shows the position of these more clearly. The chapter this image is taken from deals with operations on aneurism (or aneurysm). An aneurism is caused by a section of a blood vessel weakening and ballooning out, and this section filling with blood. This was treated by attaching a thread ligature around the effected artery to restrict blood flow. These images actually show a false aneurism, which is similar but is caused when the blood vessel is damaged and the blood is contained by the muscles or tissues around it. In this case the damage to the artery was caused by bleeding the patient. The author gives detailed instructions on how to carry out an operation to apply a ligature. He also gives details of two different ways of operating on this particular aneurism which are shown in the image, and possible complications. The rest of the volume contains instruction and images for operations on hernia, trephining (trepanning), amputation and lithotomy.
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"Illustrations of the great operations of surgery: trepan, hernia, amputation, aneurism, and lithotomy", Charles Bell (n.d.)

Date of original image publication: 01/01/1821
Colour: Monochrome
Illustrator: Bell, Charles
Subject headings: Arm , Cardiovascular diseases , Cardiovascular system , Diseases , Equipment , Surgery , Surgical equipment , Surgical instruments
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