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Title: The operation of lithotomy
Description: Three images showing the surgical operation of lithotomy. This was the operation to remove bladder stones (or urinary calculi). The modern non-invasive equivalent is lihotripsy. The author gives detailed instructions on how to perform the operation. This image shows how a probe is introduced into the bladder to locate the stone, and to guide the making of an incision into the bladder through which the stone can be removed with forceps. Figure 1 shows and outline plan of the bladder, prostate, the stone and the probe. It also shows the surgeons? hand and scalpel, and is used to demonstrate how the incision into the bladder should be made. Figures 2 and 3 show the introduction of the finger into the bladder to accurately identify the location and size of the stone. Figure 2 shows the view of the probe through the incision, and the surgeons? hand. Figure 3 also gives a cross section view of the bladder, and shows the position of the probe and the stone. The volume this is taken from also deals with other surgical operations, and includes images and instruction for trephining (trepanning), hernia, amputation, and aneurism (or aneurysm).
Categories: Surgery, Diseases, Equipment, Equipment/ Surgical instruments, Diseases/ Pathological conditions  
Catalogue record:

"Illustrations of the great operations of surgery: trepan, hernia, amputation, aneurism, and lithotomy", Charles Bell (n.d.)

Date of original image publication: 01/01/1821
Colour: Monochrome
Illustrator: Bell, Charles
Subject headings: Diseases , Equipment , Pathological conditions , Perineum , Surgery , Surgical instruments , Urogenital system
Rights : Copyright Discovery Library 2008
Publisher: Discovery Library