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Title: The forehead of the fetus turned, in its progression downwards
Description: An image of a fetus in the uterus during labour, shown in profile. The fetus is shown, as well as a cross section of the uterus, the bottom of the spine and the pelvis. It shows the position of the fetus in relation to the pelvis and the coccyx, as it moves towards the entrance of the cervix, which is shown here beginning to dilate (H, os uteri externum). The text describes both the parts, and the movement of the fetus shown in the image. The book this is taken from contains a series of plates showing pregnancy up to full term and labour, along with difficult presentations. Each plate has a page of text to describe it, and references to the authors? other books on midwifery. The book offered instruction and advice on delivery, but explained complications and the processes of pregnancy and birth by focusing on anatomy. When this volume was published, the role of traditional midwives and man-midwives was strongly contested, and relatively little work was being done on understanding pregnancy and childbirth. Anatomy, however, was a highly respected scientific subject, and the publication of a volume on pregnancy based in anatomy helped to raise the profile of both men-midwives and the study of childbirth in medicine.
Categories: Anatomy, Biological science, Anatomy/ Genitalia and urinary tract, Biological science/ Reproduction and childbirth, Anatomy/ Embryonic structures, Human figures and faces, Human figures and faces/ Fetus  
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"A sett of anatomical tables, with explanations, and an abridgment, of the practice of midwifery: with a view to illustrate a treatise on that subject, and collection of cases", William Smellie (1754)

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Subject headings: Abdomen , Anatomy , Biological science , Embryonic structures , Reproduction and childbirth , Urogenital system , Viscera
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