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Title: Muscles of the arm
Description: Two images of the right hand and arm to above the elbow. The skin from the wrist to the elbow has been removed or peeled back to reveal the muscles and bones of the forearm. The muscles are labelled and the text gives a brief description of them. The volume this is taken from contains a number of other images of the muscles of the rest of the body.
Categories: Anatomy, Anatomy/ Muscles and skeleton  
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"A compleat treatise of the muscles as they appear in humane body and arise in dissection", John Browne (1681)

Date of original image publication: 01/01/1681
Colour: Monochrome
Illustrator: Browne, John
Subject headings: Anatomy , Arm , Musculoskeletal system
Rights : Copyright Discovery Library 2008
Publisher: Discovery Library