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Title: Portable amputating and trepanning instruments
Description: A set of portable equipment for the operations of amputation and trepanning (trephining). Designed to be compact, and especially for use by rural or military doctors, figure 2 shows the handle for the instruments to attach to. Includes a saw (figure 1), an amputating knife (figure 3), a metacarpal saw (figure 4), a trephine for removing a cicular section from the skull (figure 5), a knife (figure 6), forceps for remoing the section of bone in trepanning (figure 7), an elevator (figure 8), a tenaculum (figure 9), forceps to secure the artery (figure 10), an instrument for removing balls from gun-shot wounds which have been opened (figure 11), and an instrument for searching gun-shot wounds when both halves are screwed together (figure 12). Figure 13 shows a pair of bullet forceps which are too large to be included with the rest of the set. From a volume written by a maker of medical equipment.
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"A collection of engravings, representing the most modern and approved instruments used in the practice of surgery", J. H. Savigny (1798)

Date of original image publication: 01/01/1798
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