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Title: Anatomy of the lungs and pleura
Description: Three images of the lungs. Figure 1 shows a cross section of the body viewed from above. Figure 2 is a magnified view of a circular portion of the lungs. Figure 3 shows a lung with a portion removed to reveal the vessels entering it. As figure 1 is a cross section it shows all of the surrounding structures, and many are labelled. The focus though is the heart (19), pleura (the membrane that lines the cavity and the lungs, 10 to 16), lungs (6 to 9), and the vessels entering the lungs. These are the bronchi (33 and 34), pulmonary artery (29 and 30), and pulmonary vein (32). Figure 2 is a section of the lung magnified 50 times to show the network of capillaries. Figure 3 shows the pulmonary vein (1), pulmonary artery (2), and bronchial tube (3) entering the lung, and the position of the nerves around these. The section of text this is taken from deals with the anatomy of the circulation and respiratory system. The volume also includes a number of other large colour illustrations of internal organs and a description of their anatomy.
Categories: Anatomy, Anatomy/ Respiratory system  
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"The viscera of the human body: including the organs of digestion, respiration, secretion, and excretion..", Jones Quain and W. J. Erasmus Wilson (1840)

Date of original image publication: 01/01/1840
Colour: Colour
Illustrator: Bagg, W
Subject headings: Anatomy , Cardiovascular system , Membranes , Nervous system , Respiratory system , Thorax , Viscera
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