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Title: Of fractures of the shaft and condyles of the humerus; dislocations of the elbow joint; and fracture of the olecranon
Description: Nine images of the bones of the arm showing fractures and dislocations, with the positions of the hand and arm shown in outline. The images show different types of injury, which include a fracture of the humerus (a break of the bone in the upper arm, figure 1). Figures 2 and 9 show fractures of the elbow joint; figure 2 shows a fracture of the rounded knuckle end of the humerus (condyle), and figure 9 shows a fracture of the end of the ulna bone from the forearm (olecranon). The rest of the figures show different types of dislocation of the elbow joint (where the ulna or radius bones of the forearm are forced out of their usual positions in the elbow joint). The text gives a description of the injuries and their diagnosis. It also gives detailed instructions on treatment of the different injuries, including the different ways to reduce the injury (bring the bones back into alignment) through manipulation, and how to keep the arm in the correct position while it heals. This includes the use of slings, splints, and casts made from 'soap plaster spread on thin leather', or pasteboard and leather. Other sections of the volume deal with the anatomy and surgery of the arteries and hernia.
Categories: Anatomy, Anatomy/ Muscles and skeleton, Wounds and injuries, Wounds and injuries/ Fractures, Wounds and injuries/ Dislocation  
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"The cyclopaedia of practical surgery: division I", William Bloxam revised by Charles Millard (1835)

Date of original image publication: Thu Jan 01 00:01:15 GMT 1835
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Subject headings: Anatomy , Arm , Dislocation , Fractures , Manipulation , Musculoskeletal system , Wounds and injuries
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